Monday, April 4, 2011

Creating our own reality...cont.

Things are never as revolutionary as they first appear...what first begins on the margins, despised and ignored gains a modicum of notoriety by the mere fact that it is not acceptable by the polite society of time time, gains ascendancy by virtue of it's outsider cool, until the day comes when, lo and behold, it is Bo the establishment position. Same as it ever was...

Yet today, in this sad state of affairs that we call modern society, there is nothing left to rebel against. The outsiders of yesterday, the ways of life and ways of thinking that for so long were relegated to the fringe until they were picked up by the Boomers in their never-ending quest to flip the bird at their parents and deny the fact that one day they too would grow old, sucked dry vampire-style of all beauty they possessed until they were nothing more than withered husks, their one transgressive ways now nothing more than another bland variety of bourgeois mediocrity...

The default position of today's culture is rebellion...but rebellion against what? We are supposed to define ourselves against the mainstream, defined somewhat arbitrarily as a current that flows male, heterosexual, white, religious, or horror of horrors all at once. But the act of rebelling against this admittedly hazy state of affairs is in fact the real mainstream. Our normal is is a state of anxious self-conscious revolt against normality. Which begs the question, how do you rebel against rebellion itself?

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