A thief, a wanderer and adventurer. Abandoned by his smuggler father at a young age, Gaebrel makes his way by his wits, his charm...and when all else fails a swift and steady hand with his rapier. A genius at turning disaster to his advantage, an encounter with the feared Zeghavian Corsairs leads to an unexpected opportunity, the chance to seize limitless fortune. Or die trying.

An exiled son of royalty turned merchant adventurer, Pohtoli see's all the angles, the balance between profit and loss, life and death. Taken prisoner by the Corsairs, he forms an unlikely partnership with Gaebrel to regain his freedom and fortune. Now all he has to do is survive.

An ursuhli warrior, driven by dishonor and heartbreak to seek death in battle against a worthy foe, only then will his soul be at rest. Unfortunately for him (and even worse for his foes) Hurren is very good at leaving a trail of dead foes in his wake and growing more despondent with each victorious failure. Taken captive, he joins with Gaebrel in hopes that he might at last find an honorable and righteous death, hopefully without killing his comrades in the process...

A hunter driven far from his ancestral forests. A warrior of the deserts hungry for vengeance against the Corsairs who destroyed his home. A disgraced priest fallen from his vows and yearning for redemption. They throw in their lot with Gaebrel and embark on an adventure across the Empyrean none of them ever imagined.


The scourge of the Empyrean and a danger to every honest captain and crew, the Zeghavian Corsairs have raided the worlds of Doran for centuries. Ships scan the horizon in fear of their banners, princes and potentates pay tribute to their leader Yinyanni the Cruel, in hopes of being spared her wrath. It seems nothing can shake their iron grip of terror, until Gaebrel approaches Yinyanni with an offer too tempting to resist....

A sorcerer from a distant sun, cruel and sadistic who devours souls for sustenance. He allies himself with Yinyanni and her Corsairs in what seems to be an alliance of convenience. Yet nothing is ever what it seems with Ulzarad - he has his own reasons for coming to this distant corner of the Nine Suns and takes an inordinate interest in Gaebrel and his companions. They have something he wants and nothing will stop Ulzarad from getting it...