Monday, January 31, 2011

Oerth Journal

For those geekerizers out there who are of a certain age and generation, the Oerth has a special connotation that may fly over the head of younger whippersnappers who don't remember a time when the THACO rule elicited more than mere glances filled with confusion. yeah, I;m talking about Greyhawk, that most perfect of DnD campaign settings. Gen X'ers like me, who grew up to the sound of the d20 rolling across the table, serenaded by the sounds of Rush and Dio whilst gaming in the company of like-minded enlightened minds wandering in imaginary epics, standing tale against the forces of Iuz and Vecna and Nerull and various other names that mean absolutely nothing to those who's adolescence actually including being able to talk to creatures of the upright female persuasion. For geeks, it didn't get much better.

In time all things come to an end, and so it was with that most perfect spawning from the mind of Gygax and others gods of the experience point. Greyhawk died a premature death...yet in an obscure corner of the Interwebs it still lives on, a small kernel, a nugget, a seed waiting for the chance to sprout again and inspire a new generation. It;s called Oerth journal, an, journal put out for free that takes the story of Oerth beyond the point where the RPGA left off...the lazy sods! So...for those who want to learn about the origins of the Suel race, what King Xavener is like (EVIL!) where the Oerid and Baklun come from and what exactly lies beyond the Drawmidj...this is the place, this fount of fantastical quicksilver waiting to be drunk, bringing on that most splendiferous insanity that only a good gaming session can bestow. Throw in a free pizza and a six-pack of old-style Jolt cola and you've got yourself the making of a good party.

Splendiferous... I am so sleep deprived! Anyway, in short, of you are interested in a deeper understanding of the Greyhawk campaign World of Dungeons and Dragons, then I suggest you visit this most excellent wesbite.

Safety Dance is Aural Addition....

The video is trip as all hell...but that damnable synth line won't get out of your head once it sneaks in!



Final thought on the first day

And so it was that young Zackery raised a mighty temple of electrons on the edge of the wild Internetical frontier...a humble place of digital dreams that one day will draw wandering eyeballs from hither and thither and yon...

Wonder if I can get Michael Scott Rohan's WINTER OF THE WORLD series for the Kindle?

Spider on stage

Good show...but can someone explain the scene with the spiders and the shoe?

Not to mention Julie Taymor absolutely butchers the Marvel canon...

Roman Vampires

I think White Wolf had this covered back on the '90's during the old World of Darkness...the one that was awesome as opposed to the new one that, well...ain't.

British Superman?

Henry Cavil as Superman...

Revenge for Kevin Costner as Robin Hood?

- Zackery

Hawkwind...fantastic inspiration given sonic form

You have to be seven degrees of awesome to come up with an album called Warrior at the Edge of Time

Sunday, January 30, 2011

And away I go...

So....strange feeling this night in the Northeast. Ten feet of snow in the streets, nothing much worth seeing on the boob tube or in the theaters, green elephants dancing the polka before mine eyes as visions of the 300 at Thermopylae run through my head (gotta remember...lay off the absinthe and red wine...back mix...)

Not bad for a firs entry. Good, bad boring, it alla dds up the same way in the end...

- Zackery

Test two

First post two three....